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Five Questions for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch Editorial Board has decided Sharon Carpenter should exit recorder of deeds race and the office should be turned over to the same mayor who has financially and publicly propped her up all these years.

Top management problems with her office have not been a secret. Why is it that an office holder AWOL for most of four years didn’t draw more opponents this year? That’s a question the Editorial Board needs to be asking.

Another question- Why wasn’t there any follow-up by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch to the 2010 State Audit of the City Recorder’s office?

Another question- What is the St. Louis County Recorder of Deed’s Technology and Preservation Fund spent on? That’s a civil service position under a County Executive appointee. That’s the model the Editorial Board wants.

Another question- Why doesn’t the St. Louis County Recorder of Deeds provide Birth and Death Record services?

Another question- Did St. Louis County get back that half a million dollars stolen from its Recorder’s office by an employee?

Edward McFowland 314-600-1261
Democratic Candidate for Recorder of Deeds