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McFowland Asks Circuit Attorney to Investigate Ex-Recorder for Political Corruption

circuitattyinvestigateMonday, I hand delivered a letter to Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce’s office requesting an investigation into political corruption by former Recorder of Deeds Sharon Carpenter.

I requested that her office interview current and former Recorder employees to “gather information on Sharon Carpenter’s misuse of Recorder’s office computers, printers, copiers, fax machine, telephones, and employees to support her re-election campaigns, her positions as 23rd Ward Committeewoman, and her ward organization, including fundraising mailings done from her office with labor from Recorder employees and holding ward meetings at the office.”

On Friday, July 11, Carpenter used Official Recorder of Deeds stationary as well as Recorder printer, postage, and employees to produce two campaign related letters paid for by taxpayers in violation of Section 115.646 RSMo.


In a letter to Mayor Francis Slay, copied to Circuit Attorney Joyce, Carpenter resigned but vowed to continue her bid for re-election and asked the Mayor for his continued support of her candidacy.


In a letter to members of the St. Louis Democratic City Central Committee, Carpenter attacked me and asked for continued support from Committee members.

Edward McFowland 314-600-1261
Democratic Candidate for Recorder of Deeds


Ex-Recorder Violates Another Law, Carpenter Used Official Stationary for Campaign Letters

In my Saturday email to members of the St. Louis Democratic City Central Committee, I wrote:

I’d like to follow up my comments yesterday on the resignation of Sharon Carpenter with some additional thoughts and response to Mrs. Carpenter’s letter to the Central Committee.

The employees of the Recorder of Deeds office provide excellent service. What is missing from the Recorder’s office is a full-time Recorder to provide much needed management experience, leadership, and vision.

I have many years experience managing employees and compliance with employment law. There is a discrimination lawsuit against the City, former Recorder Sharon Carpenter, and acting Recorder Peggy Meeker. I am confident that this will not happen when I am Recorder.

A leader serves as a role model to employees on conduct. Former Recorder Carpenter and acting Recorder Meeker did not need legal counsel to tell them hiring their own family with public funds is a violation of the Missouri Constitution. They should have known nepotism is a violation of public trust. Just plain wrong.

I have a vision for the Recorder office. It is set out in my Action Plan. I have been the only candidate for Recorder talking about issues: increasing accessibility, transparency of public funds, new services, increasing revenue to the City.

I would be the first African American Recorder of Deeds in St. Louis City. But I do not want to be The Black Recorder. I want to be remembered as a Recorder who led the office to do things first and better than every other county in Missouri, the way Sharon Carpenter ran her office years ago.

I do not want this election to be about race. I want this to be about substance, issues, the future.

But I have strong concerns about Mayor Slay’s upcoming appointment to the Recorder position.

If there is a political appointment designed for an Independent bid for Recorder on the November ballot, then I would understand why some would see the election had become about race, as opposed to political opportunity. I hope St. Louis does not have to have that debate.

The one option wards do not really have is retaining Sharon Carpenter as your candidate and allowing her to win the Democratic Party nomination.

By now you should have received Sharon Carpenter’s campaign letter, falsely accusing me of slander and owing earnings tax, written on Official Recorder stationary in violation of state ethics laws. And she also sent the Mayor a letter on Official Recorder stationary regarding her resignation that included a campaign pitch.

This is not the first time she has used the resources of her office for campaign purposes. More on that later.

Have I previously had some personal financial problems? Yes. Do I owe any federal, state, or city taxes? No.

Have I ever violated the public trust or misused public funds? No.

A leader admits his or her mistakes and learns from them.

Edward McFowland 314-600-1261
Democratic Candidate for Recorder of Deeds