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New Recorder Fails To Comply With Sunshine Law, Florida Working With Mayor To Stonewall

In my Wednesday email to members of St. Louis Democratic City Central Committee, I wrote:

The new Recorder of Deeds has had seven business days to produce copies of thirteen checks from the Recorder’s technology and Preservation Fund.

It’s been sixteen business days since the City Counselor’s Office got involved.

I’ve been trying to get Ed-Recorder Sharon Carpenter’s vehicle mileage logs since April 28th.

Last week, I did not blame newly appointed Recorder Florida.

But now it is obvious that Recorder Florida is working in concert with the City Counselor’s Office and, therefore, Mayor Francis Slay to stonewall release of public records to serve political purposes relating to her Independent bid for Recorder on the November ballot.

Is this what we are to expect on other records maintained by the Recorder? Will it take more than a week to get a copy of your real estate recorder of marriage license?

Shouldn’t Democratic Party voters have all the information on Ex-Recorder Carpenter’s handling of public funds and resources before the August 5 election, not after the election when it suits the Mayor?

Edward McFowland 314-600-1261
Democratic Candidate for Recorder of Deeds


City Hall Passport Office & Immigrant-Friendly Recorder Services

My Wednesday email to members of the St. Louis Democratic City Central Committee.

As Recorder, I will pursue designation of one or more Recorder of Deeds employees as U.S. Passport Acceptance Agents.

22 CFR 51.22 (Passport agents and passport acceptance agents) permits the Department of State to authorize “Any other person specifically designated by the Department” to serve as agents.

Libraries across Missouri, including the Kirkwood Public Library and three public libraries in Jefferson County, are Passport Offices. Why not the library of public records for the City of St. Louis?

You need a Birth Certificate copy to get a passport. The City Recorder’s Office is a copy center for State of Missouri Birth Certificates. Combining birth record services with Passport services is a great match.

The Downtown Post-Office Passport Office is open 9 am to 4 pm. The Recorder’s Office is open 8 am to 5 pm. More hours for passport customers, means more convenient.

I believe a City Hall Passport Office would be well received and we would make a little more money for the City with the additional Birth Certificate copy sales.

Let me also add that I think publishing Recorder services information in Spanish and Bosnian is long overdue.

For starters, the Recorder has a Birth and Death Records services brochure and Marriage License services brochure that should already have been translated into Spanish and Bosnian, published on the website, printed, and copies made available to various institutions and nonprofits serving the Spanish-speaking and Bosnian-speaking communities.

As Recorder, I will work with our immigrant communities and service providers to make the Recorder of Deeds Office customer-friendly to all residents.

We can add Passport services and make the Recorder’s Office immigrant-friendly within the Recorder’s current budget.

Edward McFowland 314-600-1261
Democratic Candidate for Recorder of Deeds

Ed’s Letter to Circuit Attorney About Nepotism in Recorder Office

This is the letter on Nepotism in Recorder office personally delivered by Ed McFowland to Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce’s office on Monday, June 23rd.

Edward McFowland 314-600-1261
Democratic Candidate for Recorder of Deeds

Follow-up to Sharon Carpenter’s email

Friday, Harry Kennedy sent an email to members of the St. Louis Democratic City Central Committee on behalf of Recorder Sharon Carpenter.

“Many have wondered why I have not responded to the accusations made against me by my opponent.”

“I am not responding because so much of what has been placed before you is either untrue or made to look as though something was completely wrong. All I can say is, the money from the Recorders account has been expended in accordance with the law and with legal opinions. The account is audited with regularity.”

First, if anything I have written about the Recorder’s office is untrue, Sharon Carpenter should correct the record.

Does Sharon Carpenter deny that she continued to smoke in her City Hall office after the City banned smoking inside public buildings? No.

Does Sharon Carpenter deny being absent from her City Hall office most workday hours (8 am to 5 pm) since her last re-election? No.

Second, the last State audit on the Recorder’s Technology Fund was 2010. Then the State Auditor requested Sharon Carpenter comply with state law and move the account to the City Treasurer’s office. Sharon Carpenter has not done that.

As for Sharon Carpenter’s arguments that the expenditures are legal, I have not argued to date that these expenditures were illegal. I have argued they are, in some cases, a misuse of public funds or inappropriate use of funds designated by state law for technology and preservation.


Misuse of Public Funds in general: $493.53 total spent from Technology and Preservation Fund on food and other items categorized by Sharon’s Office as “office supplies” for a City Hall Open House (Nov. 2, 2013).

Inappropriate use of Technology Fund: $2,378.04 spent from Technology and Preservation Fund on rugs for Sharon Carpenter’s and Chief Deputy Recorder’s offices.

Edward McFowland 314-600-1261
Democratic Candidate for Recorder of Deeds