McFowland Questions Ex-Recorder’s Mileage, Still No Records From Sunshine Requests

The City Recorder of Deeds office has had thirteen business days to produce copies of thirteen checks from the Recorder’s Technology and Preservation Fund. It’s been seven business days since the City Counselor’s office got involved. Still nothing.

rodcarrequest1I’ve been trying to get Carpenter’s vehicle mileage logs since April 28th.

I had to send a second letter because Carpenter claimed she didn’t get the first. She said it didn’t matter because the car was a special benefit and she didn’t have to keep a mileage log. In 2010, she agreed with State Auditor Susan Montee to keep a mileage log.

I am not blaming newly appointed Recorder Florida. She was just sworn into office.

I do find it suspicious, however, that the City Counselor’s office got involved in Sunshine requests of this type.

The mileage log is of interest because of the mileage Carpenter turned in to the Comptroller for IRS purposes in 2010-2013.

The distance between Carpenter’s home and City Hall is 9.4 miles. sqcmileageirsUsing a generous 10 miles, 20 miles round trip:

In 2013, Carpenter estimated 3,380 miles for commuting to and from work:

3,380 miles ÷ 20 miles round trip = 169 work day round trips
169 work days ÷ 52 weeks = 3 days a week

Is there anyone who believes Sharon Carpenter came to her City Hall office an average of 3 days per week last year?

Edward McFowland 314-600-1261
Democratic Candidate for Recorder of Deeds


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  1. […] on her paperwork and using a generous 20 mile roundtrip commute, Carpenter is alleging that she drove her city vehicle to work 3 days a week in 2013 and 2012, and nearly 4 days a week in […]

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