Ed’s Plan to Create St. Louis City Hall Historical Society

In my Saturday email to members of the St. Louis Democratic City Central Committee, I wrote:

As we think about our nation’s history this Independence Day weekend, let’s also think about our City’s history and how we can better promote and share it.

I’ve received some capital ideas from voters on how we can market Recorder services, to increase revenue to the City, and promote our City’s history and City Hall as a tourist destination.

I believe that the best way to pay for “extras” is to create a nonprofit to raise funds for projects, not ask for City General Revenue or use money from the Recorder’s Technology and Preservation Fund.

As Recorder, I will incorporate St. Louis City Hall Historical Society for the following purposes:

  • To sponsor events promoting the Recorder’s marriage license, birth record, and genealogy services, including customer incentives, social events, seminars, conferences, and exhibits;
  • To sponsor events celebrating the history, art, and people of City Hall, including tours of City Hall, on occasion with tour guides in historical costume, an annual February 14th St. Louis Birthday Party, and events honoring City Founder Pierre Laclede and President U.S. Grant, whose statues are on the City Hall grounds;
  • To sponsor events celebrating the history of the City of St. Louis using public records, including the contributions of women, African Americans, Native Americans, and ethnic groups. 
  • To establish a volunteer program to assist with City Hall tours, special events, and projects relating to old records;
  • To partner with other public agencies and departments, institutions, and nonprofits on events and projects;
  • To provide for continuing education of Recorder of Deeds employees;
  • To establish a Recorder of Deeds internship program; and
  • To hold fundraisers and apply for grants to pay for the nonprofit’s activities.

This nonprofit would work in conjunction with the Recorder of Deeds office but have its own website and provide for full accounting of funds raised and spent on the website.

Edward McFowland 314-600-1261
Democratic Candidate for Recorder of Deeds


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