Ed’s Plan for City Hall Tours and Expanded Recorder Hours

Thursday, I wrote members of the St. Louis Democratic City Committee about my plan to expand hours at the Recorder of Deeds office and provide tours of City Hall.

As Recorder, I will, on a trial basis, provide Research Saturdays to allow family tree researchers weekend opportunities to use indexes, review documents, and buy copies. Public libraries are open on Saturdays. Why not the City’s library of public records?

I will try two Saturday mornings for a few months and then evaluate the response.

I believe we can expand hours with present staffing and without comp time and the result will be additional copy sales (more revenue to the City).

As Recorder, I will explore opportunities for the Recorder’s office to partner with Downtown institutions (Soldiers Memorial Museum, Central Library, Old Courthouse, Museum of Westward Expansion, Campbell House, Eugene Field Toy Museum) on special events relating to genealogy and history on Research Saturdays and other days.

As Recorder, I will ensure that City Hall has City Hall tours. As keeper of St. Louis historic public records, it makes sense that the Recorder’s Office should provide this service.

The Recorder’s office will have numerous employees trained to provide these tours. Tours will be provided on Research Saturdays, a shorter version because of closed offices. Tours will be free.

Edward McFowland 314-600-1261
Democratic Candidate for Recorder of Deeds


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