More Misuse of Recorder Fund

June 3rd I emailed this information to members of St. Louis City Democratic Central Committee.

Recorder of Deeds Sharon Carpenter paid a total of $12,015 plus free parking at Kiel Garage to a music merchandise major named Rudy Brynac to be an intern in her Archives Department during summers of 2010 ($5,715) and 2011 ($5,220) and 2 weeks in Jan. 2012 ($1,080).

She paid him from the Recorder’s Technology and Preservation Fund.

In a letter to me, Sharon wrote, “It may not be used to hire employees for the office. The only exception to this is the hiring of an individual temporarily to perform work that cannot under usual conditions be carried out by existing staff.”

I do not know what necessary work the music merchandise major performed that other Recorder employees could not perform. What I do know he was paid much more than Dr. Lana Stein, who worked temporarily in the Recorder’s Archives Department from Jan. 2009 to June 2010 and paid $4,805 from the Recorder Fund.

I also do not understand why there are so many travel and food expenses paid from Recorder Fund. Example: $950.00 (check #1991 4/5/2011 for Recorder Association of Missouri Conference “Extra Meals Staff” has nothing to do with technology or records preservation, let alone a necessary and prudent spending of public money.

The office is budgeted for travel from General Revenue. I will be requesting those records.

Edward McFowland 314-600-1261
Democratic Candidate for Recorder of Deeds


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